CHRISTINE BRAIN Integrative Energy Healing
 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,MH, CHt, Integrative Energy Healer, & Shamanic Practitioner 

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"Both of the treatments I have had from Christine have been profoundly transformative.  One brought relief and resolution to difficult feelings that I had been unable to reconcile.  Previously there had been several attempts with other Energy Healing Practitioners that had offered some release but none that came close to offering an opportunity to completely resolve an emotionally overwhelming experience from the past.  Her work has enabled me to feel lighter, clearer, more hopeful and simply happier in a quiet kind of way- all benefits that I continue to enjoy and appreciate.  She is a skillful practitioner, able to navigate the complexity of the energetic realm with integrity, confidence and clear , attuned intuition.  She also has the rare ability to clear clients' energy fields of various forms of intrusive energies that negatively impact health and overall wellbeing.  I have and will continue to recommend Christine to friends, knowing that they will greatly benefit from her help"

Ellen -   Salt Spring Island

SHAMANIC  healing

SHAMANISM is an ancient tradition that is rooted in the spiritual wisdom teachings of nature and the natural world.  Shamans connect with the power of the great Mother Earth and use this energy in their healing practice. By honouring all of the natural wonders such as the rivers, lakes and mountains, Shamans reawaken and invigorate the energy of the land.  Ceremony honours the spirits of nature and promotes harmony and balance. By practicing a daily spiritual ritual, Shamans experience exponential growth of body, mind and soul to create internal harmony with all of creation. Legends say Shamans dream the world into being.
A Shamanic Journey will take you into an exploration of your own inner world.  Release trauma, discover and release old patterns that no longer serve.  Connect to your totem animals, plant medicine and learn what they have to offer you.  The deeper you ground into the planet the higher you can fly.   Group sessions are very powerful as we build a community we raise all of our vibration. You will feel better and will connect to your own inner wisdom and healing power. What you are dreaming about becomes your reality.  Shamanism teaches you how to disconnect from the distractions of cell phones, computers and reconnect to yourself and community.
CHRISTINE has studied with her own Shamanic teacher for the past eight years.  Her latest studies were of   the Peruvian Inca traditions of the Kowac lineage and she completed the Medicine Wheel in September 2013 and has been involved in co-facilitating the Medicine Wheel 2015/2016.   Christine is committed to a spiritual path.  For those open to the experience Christine  will use many of her teachings in her Hypnotherapy and Integrative Energy Healing practice. 

Stevi Ling is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner who supports her healing sessions with organic essential oils. The integration of the 3 modalities promotes the ceremonial elements within Shamanism, the energy release of Reiki and the grounding effects of essential oils.

Scent is connected to memory and is important to remind the body and mind to let go. It promotes  the necessary internal release to occur and further promotes the health of the client.

​Shamanic Healing $95.00/60 minutes