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 Zoey Wren,B.Ed, B. Music
Certified Coach (Wisdom of the Whole)
Vibrational Healer (RMA Mystery School)
Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master
Sound Healer (UK Sound Healers Association).

My name is Lea and I have been given the honour of providing insight into people’s lives that might otherwise stay hidden.  While I do work as an Intuitive Reader and Medium, I focus my practice on healing for the soul.  
Through this passion I decided to put all of my intuitive and energetic training to use and combine my services into a healing that dives deeply yet compassionately into the body, highlighting what is causing the most direct afflictions within you, be it emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual.
Through an integration of Quantum Touch Therapy, Reiki, Energetic Healing and my Intuitive abilities, I strive towards creating a beautiful, compassionate and safe environment where you can find not only what is holding you back, but more importantly, the passion for health and happiness that we all crave on some level.

Quantum Touch Therapy
Reiki Healing
Intuitive Readings (Also available via phone and/or email)
Chakra Balancing
Mediumship– connection to spirit that provides messages from passed loved ones and/or spirit guides
Energetic healing & management of physical/emotional trauma, surgery, inflammation and or/chronic pain
Energetic release and healing of karmic and ancestral cords
Emotional release that is held through memory markers within the energetic body
Negative thought form release and replacement
Spiritual attachment removal
Grounding and spiritual protection
Spiritual guidance and counselling
Distance healing and investigative meditation
Spiritual palliative assistance with end of life
Development Classes & workshops
Meditation Facilitation
Events and parties


Everyday  life and all of it's challenges  can cause disruptions in your Energy Field and over time create blockages in your Chakra System.  These blockages can cause  disharmony and disease in the physical body.   Integrative Energy Healing will help you to clear energy blockages and help to restore a healthy energy flow.  This will  release emotional and physical pain.  Energy Healing will guide you to find your way back to your bodies original intended path of optimal health.

I recognized at a very young age that I could “see” things that most others could not. I soon realized that a Native American spirit guide known as Chief became a constant companion to me and a source of healing and guidance.

These experiences along with my connection to Spirit lead me on a spiritual path of study that I am passionate about.  My curiosity and interest in the magic and mystery of the natural world and all of its beauty has been an incredible adventure of self discovery and   I feel so blessed to be able to do this work and incorporate all of the teachings that I have studied into my own personal style of healing.  My goal is not only to help people heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels but to also become aware of their own personal journey of self transformation and to make joy a lifelong companion.

LEA is available 


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10:30 am to 2:30 pm

​​​​$115/60 min. healing​



​2nd & 4th Fridays  10:30am - 1 pm 

60 min/$135.00

2 session Package $270

Body-Mind-Heart -Soul Package 4 sessions $540

 Integrative Healing $95.00/hour

CHRISTINE is available Wednesdays for appointments 11:00-4pm

“My healing session with Zoey Wren was transformational and awakened within me a drive to follow my long abandoned dreams. I’m forever grateful for the session, which helped confirm my next step in life, and assisted me to release old pain and insecurity.”

 - N. Carson

“Zoey’s healing session was a profoundly nurturing experience for me that helped me feel at home in myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed that, and to what level the channeled tones could have on my body and mind. Afterwards I bathed in a permeable sense of inner quiet, repose, and appreciation of Zoey’s insights and guidance.”

 - L. Nardelli

“Zoey is a skilled and intuitive healer. Her capacity to tune into my needs and alleviate my pain has been a true gift. I recommend her healing hands and heart to others seeking the skills of a wise and grounded therapist.”

 - M. Norwich

 "I was fascinated by how Christine healed my hip, and the sense of happiness, well being and euphoria I felt afterwards.  My friend came to see you later that day and she said that she felt the same way"
Leigh -Ann

Sentient Soul Healing

​Intuitive Healing Services

ENERGY/Sound Healing

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Are you feeling overworked?  Like your life is out of balance? 

No time for self-care? No time for yourself?
The frequency of modern life is transforming the frequency of our current DNA very fast.  It’s an exciting time to be alive!  However, in order to stay balanced we need to eat healthy food, get out in nature, and connect with our community; the basics.  This can be challenging in an information age with multiple demands on us and technology replacing everything natural!  The good news is that your body knows how to heal itself.  Vibrational healing and life coaching utilize your thoughts and feelings to align to the body’s innate wisdom and create peace, harmony and balance in your life.  

​Create YOUR Work/Life Balance 
 Reconnect to your joyful zest for life
 Resolve chronic headaches, pain and fatigue
 Discover your “zone of genius” so you can work smarter, not harder
 Learn how to create time by prioritizing and pre-paving the flow of your life

Open to inner wisdom through positive visualization and meditation
Learn powerful self-healing techniques to better navigate stress
Discover your true life purpose so you can start living a life that energizes and fulfills  you deeply!

Zoey combines Sound Healing (deep listening and vocal rebalancing) with Reiki and Life Coaching to help you listen to and honour the cues of your body, connect to your inner nature, and create a self-care plan that matches your desired lifestyle and feeds your soul – so you can be all of who you are!  

Please call the store@ 604 937 5540 

CHRISTINE BRAIN Integrative Energy Healing

 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,MH, CHt, Integrative Energy Healer, & Shamanic Practitioner