CHRISTINE BRAIN Integrative Energy Healing

 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,MH, CHt, Integrative Energy Healer, & Shamanic Practitioner 

ENERGY Healing

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Spiritual Counsellor, Energy Worker

DAEDRYN YOUNG is a long-term experienced, Energy Worker, Nutritional Therapist, Trauma Release practitioner, Spiritual Counsellor and organic thought process teacher. . 
A decade has passed since Daedryn and his family left the city for an off grid lifestyle and  after many years, his path has brought him back into our community. 
Living on the land in the heart of British Columbia has given Daedryn years to develop his stillness and a connection to nature and thus the world within and through out. 
 Studying under a mentor, Dakota MacDonald, from the journey to illuminate and heal his own traumatic past, he was introduced to OTP, Organic Thought Process. This slowly transformed Daedryn and allowed him to further develop the many practices and modalities,  enabling him to serve others on their journey towards healing, personal development and  growth in  all areas of their life.
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​Daedryn is available for sessions at White Lotus on Sundays from 12-5pm

1 hour healing $120 plus GST

LEA is an accomplished facilitator of the healing arts with a strong reputation for her quirky yet compassionate demeanour during classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. 

No stranger to the depths of what trauma can do to the physical body, Lea climbed out of the grip of a mental and chronic illness and threw herself into understanding the mind, body, spirit connection on a holistic level where her love of teaching Individual Emotional Resiliency started to grow. 

She is now a healer, coach, teacher, and speaker who is well respected not only within the holistic community, but by the education system and within political forums as well. 

With a deep focus on healing the effects that illness, trauma, abuse and addiction has within the energetic body; her work teaches you that your story is not your limitation.

Whether you are working through chronic pain, disease or dis-ease such as depression, anxiety, thought patterns or belief systems that prevent you from reaching that level of peace within your mind, she will work alongside you to provide every day tools to take back what was lost or missing so that you find more compassion for yourself.


Everyday  life and all of it's challenges  can cause disruptions in your Energy Field and over time create blockages in your Chakra System.  These blockages can cause  disharmony and disease in the physical body.   Integrative Energy Healing will help you to clear energy blockages and help to restore a healthy energy flow.  This will  release emotional and physical pain.  Energy Healing will guide you to find your way back to your bodies original intended path of optimal health.

I recognized at a very young age that I could “see” things that most others could not. I soon realized that a Native American spirit guide known as Chief became a constant companion to me and a source of healing and guidance.

These experiences along with my connection to Spirit lead me on a spiritual path of study that I am passionate about.  My curiosity and interest in the magic and mystery of the natural world and all of its beauty has been an incredible adventure of self discovery and   I feel so blessed to be able to do this work and incorporate all of the teachings that I have studied into my own personal style of healing.  My goal is not only to help people heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels but to also become aware of their own personal journey of self transformation and to make joy a lifelong companion.

LEA is available Wednesdays

from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm appointment only


 Integrative Healing $95.00/hour

CHRISTINE is available Wednesdays for appointments 11:00-4pm

“My healing session with Zoey Wren was transformational and awakened within me a drive to follow my long abandoned dreams. I’m forever grateful for the session, which helped confirm my next step in life, and assisted me to release old pain and insecurity.”

 - N. Carson

“Zoey’s healing session was a profoundly nurturing experience for me that helped me feel at home in myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed that, and to what level the channeled tones could have on my body and mind. Afterwards I bathed in a permeable sense of inner quiet, repose, and appreciation of Zoey’s insights and guidance.”

 - L. Nardelli

“Zoey is a skilled and intuitive healer. Her capacity to tune into my needs and alleviate my pain has been a true gift. I recommend her healing hands and heart to others seeking the skills of a wise and grounded therapist.”

 - M. Norwich

 "I was fascinated by how Christine healed my hip, and the sense of happiness, well being and euphoria I felt afterwards.  My friend came to see you later that day and she said that she felt the same way"
Leigh -Ann