Mind your Heart Meditation with Lea
Sunday, April 14th,  7:30pm-8:45pm$27 plus gst

Join Lea Morrison for a heart healing meditation! Set in a crystal protective energy grid, your evening begins with the beautiful music of the Heart Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl. This vibration will clear, open and activate your heart chakra allowing self discovery, healing and ultimately, direction to your souls path. Allowing your body to relax and ready the mind for the gentle channelled meditations from spirit.
"As I take you on a powerful journey of your heart through the heart of Mother Earth, you will leave the class more connected to your souls purpose, grounded through the beat of our Earth energies with a deep sense of compassion for your self and others."
No experience necessary

Shadow Work - The process of befriending your darkness

​Friday April 12 7-9pm $25.00plus gst.
The process of becoming whole and befriending your darkness - A Shamanic Gathering
We all have a shadow aspect within us and no matter how much we avoid seeing it or try to hide it, the message they mean to deliver will always find a way to make itself visible and tangible in our reality. Our emotional wounds are real and they show their painful face in the many aspects of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of unworthiness and unhealthy behavioural patterns that affect our overall health and relationships.
Join Rosario, from the The Healing Tribe, in this intimate gathering where we will sit compassionately with our uncomfortable and misunderstood emotions and discover the meaning and implications behind the controversial Shadow work technique.
About the facilitator:
Rosario Tate is a Pachakuti Mesa Tradition carrier, Munay KI rites
medicine woman and has been initiated in the Ancient Peruvian rites by beloved Kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq Don Oscar Miro-Quesada and Shamanic teachers Christa Lynn and Sandra Ingerman among other traditions. She is also an active member of the Tri-cities community and leads The Healing Tribe studio in Port Moody, B.C.

Every Tuesday-April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
 7:00pm - 9:00pm $10.00 min. donation 
 Join Sooraj Jaswal  in a safe and a gentle energetic environment for a weekly meditation, and discussion forum. If you are seeking growth and a desire to move past blocks or you just want to connect with like minded men, this is the place for you!  

APRIL Events

Magical Full Moon Ceremony

​Thursday, April 18, 7-9pm $25. plus gst.

The full moon is a time to celebrate your abundance and to shed light onto what no longer serves us. It is a time to let go and get ready for change by showing gratitude and forgiveness.
Join Sherina Chandra from Uplift Your Vibe and Cassedi Carlsen from AAroma Flow Healing during this month’s full moon!
What to expect:
- White sage smudging ceremony
- Guided meditation
- Safe space to share
- Mini reflection journals and journaling prompts and activities
- Knowledge and insight on this month’s full moon
- Tea & water
- Mini oracle card spreads for reflection
The full moon circle will involve releasing the things in our lives that no longer serves us. A safe and sacred place will be energetically created to share personal experiences, emotions and blocks. As the full moon is all about releasing, you may bring items no longer of use, such as clothing or small artifacts to let go of and we will be donating them to the Elizabeth Fry Society Women's Shelter.
You will be led through a channelled meditation by Cassedi and you will uncover intuitive insights provided to you by your Spirit Guides.

Sherina will lead the circle and provide knowledge and insight on this month’s full moon and its spiritual significance. She will guide you through journaling prompts and help you uncover your blocks and release your old patterns. Also, you are encouraged to bring your personal tarot decks and you will be guided to do a personal spread for reflection purpose
The evening will end with a reflective session and a celebration of success stories. It will also shine light on future celebrations.
What to bring:
- Any small personal items to place on the altar for cleansing
- Writing material
- Your own personal oracle/tarot decks
- Water bottle
- Any items no longer serving you that will be donated

New Moon Ceremony
Wed. Apr 03, 7-9pm $25. plus get.
New moons are a time to create, manifest, set intentions; birth and re-birth. Join Sherina Chandra from Uplift Your Vibe and Cassedi Carlsen from AAroma Flow Healing during this month’s new moon. The new moon circle will guide you towards establishing inner-peace and focus towards your hopes and wishes. You will be in a high vibrational sacred space and in the company of like-minded people sharing goals and manifesting your future abundance. Smudging will take place in the beginning to ensure you are cleansed of any stagnant energies. Cassedi will lead a channelled meditation that will help you be present and clear your minds to plant seeds of intention later in the evening. Sherina will provide astrological and symbolic knowledge surrounding the significance of this new moon and share ways that you can bring your dreams into reality through writing and practicing Universal Laws. What to bring: any items to place on altar for cleansing, writing materials, oracle/tarot deck. $25 + GST

Friday April 5 (First Friday of each month)
 7pm-8:30pm $10. donation

Join Tannis Gauthier of “Sharing Reiki Light” for a Reiki Share Event!
All are welcome, clients and Healers of all modalities alike. No
experience necessary.
A Reiki share is an event for those intrigued or interested in Holistic Energy Healing where you gain an opportunity to learn about but also experience the Reiki energy. It is also a great opportunity for fellow Reiki Healers of all lineages, levels and styles to come together to practice, share ideas and learn new techniques. 
.The time you spend on the table is shorter than a regular session, but you are receiving healing from many healers with different levels of practice and experience. The laying on of many pairs of hands creates a massive flow of Reiki Energy providing a deeper healing than a regular session. Group energy is a wonderful and often profound experience.
$10. donation 

The Dragonfly Workshop Event

Saturday April 6, 10am-6pm 

$160plus gst
The Dragonfly is the telephone to the other side. Using the wisdom and guidance of your spiritual guides Richard will show you how to empower yourself and solve any problem.
How you will benefit from this workshop:
1. you will never face a problem that you cannot solve on your own.
2. You will gain personal clarity and true understanding of who you are.
3. You will write your own path to freedom and take command of your life.
4, You will be able to overcome every fear.

​Angels, Guides and Reiki

Thursday, April 4, 7-9pm
Are you ready to meet your team of Angels and Guides? Come and join our Reiki Master Teacher, Tannis Gauthier, for an evening of healing and reconnection. Tannis will guide you to be more aware, how to open your heart and raise your vibration. Learn practical skills that will teach you how to invoke the presence of your Angels and Guides and how to tune into angelic guidance. Experience the powerful yet gentle, purifying, healing Reiki Energy as we work with The Ocean of Holy Love and the Divine Love of Holy Fire meditations.
$40 plus GST
Book your spot on Schedulicity: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/WLDSHM/workshops

Akashic Records Certification Level One

April 13th, 14th and 20th - 12:30pm-3:45pm
Investment: $300 + gst. 50% payment required at time of booking.
The Akashic Records (Book of Life) record every life lesson, emotional response etc. that you have participated in, during all of your incarnations. It is your soul's blueprint. when your in the Akashic Records you are in the energy of your soul, you receive the truths of you.

While working within the Akasha, you are better able to understand yourself, and therefore begin to move forward with a conscious relationship with your soul and a greater awareness of the Divine presence.

Course Content: Understanding the Akashic Records. How to confidently access your Records, Navigating within your Records , Meeting your Akashic Guide, Understanding how to use the information received, sessions , exercises, Journey & Homework.