AKASHIC RECORDS readings are not like  'psychic' or 'clairvoyant' readings.

The Records (also known as the Book of Life) record every life experience, thought process, lesson, emotional response etc. that you have participated in, during all of your incarnations. Akashic Records are your soul's blueprints.

During the session you are in the energy of your soul, you receive healing from learning the truth about who you are, why you are here and why events and patterns occur in your life; you are experiencing the deepest level of healing that you can provide yourself.

While working within the Akasha, you are receiving the opportunity to shift "your grid", by this I mean, it is a consultation that allows you to better understand yourself, and therefore begin to move forward, enabling you to embrace your reality and enjoy the life you are living. The Records are a vast resource filled with the wisdom and energetic input that many find inspirational and supportive to their own soul's growth. It offers a clear, direct way to have a more conscious relationship with your soul and a greater awareness of the Divine presence. The information in the Records is intended to bring your past, present and future into alignment. We may access past lives that can be impacting your current incarnation so that you can embrace the entirety of you.


Please call the store to BOOK a session with Kelly @ 604 937 5540


Clairvoyant Medium READINGS

$100- 1  hour

$60 -30 minutes

Akashic Readings 

$200. / 60-90 minutes

Kelly is available for Akashic records Reading, Light Language channelling and Clairvoyant medium readings Friday /Saturday and Sundays.

​Please call the store to book a session.

Kelly is a certified spiritual practitioner who empowers you to connect to your truths.  She shares her expertise as a Clairvoyant/Medium, Light Language Channeller and Akashic Records Master.  Kelly works with higher energies such as Archangels, Ascended Masters and Star beings to facilitate insight, clearing and soul perspective.