White Lotus Divine Healing

Metaphysical Store & Energy Healing Therapies

OUR MISSION is to support and encourage community members who are on a healing journey or initiating a life transformation. 

We provide resources to achieve clarity of mind, radiant health, and a true connection to your life purpose.

At WHITE LOTUS we are committed  to help guide others on their  journey of self healing in a holistic and personal manner.

OUR STORY is similar to so many others, anxiety and stress overwhelm and we search for answers to  find peace and joy in a hectic world. Our store offers a safe relaxing environment where customers will find holistic products, therapies and resources that assist with the  relief of emotional and physical illness. Programs that educate and teach us to  live mindfully and in connection with others, can heal our soul.

Our experienced staff offer varied modalities of healing and work together to find the right support/therapy for each individual customer. Whether you are interested in the Metaphysical,  or have a specific spiritual belief, White Lotus can assist you.