Lea is available for appointments only Healing or Readings

 Wednesdays: 10:00am -2:00pm​​

Medium/ Clairvoyant Reader//Tarot

JOANNE FETCHKO has been gifted with the intuitive senses since she was a child, which led her to read Oracle cards to friends and family. This practice ultimately expanded her spirituality and opened up her varied spiritual gifts. She hopes that her readings bring guidance and healing.

Joanne is also a successful Medium and delivers loved one's messages in a loving and very accurate manner.  She has worked out of several spaces in the lower mainland and has a large client base who visit her regularly.

JOANNE is available 12-4pm for Drop in or appointments

 Intuitive Reader,Tarot Cards
Virginia realized as a young girl that she had a very strong intuition. As a young adult she began working with tarot cards & doing readings for friends, family & co-workers. They would often tell her that what she had told them had happened.  Virginia receives messages through clairvoyance, clairsentience & visual images, as well as utilizing the tarot. She is a Reiki Practitioner,  and practices yoga & meditation on a regular basis to keep the beautiful energy flowing.

VIRGINIA is available 1-4pm for Drop in or appointments

Intuitive Reader/Medium/Tarot
Since a child,LAURIE has had abilities to connect with the Angelic realm. She has a playful energy as she intuitively works with her clients to clear energy blocks allowing healing to begin for whole body wellness. She is a popular medium with a deep relationship with Spirit and the Angels, enabling keen insight to the clients needs. 

Laurie also loves working with crystals in her readings!

" Lea is AMAZING!  20 minutes with Lea and her intuitive healing has changed my life.  She was able to see things that 3 years of trouble shooting with doctors including exploratory surgery couldn’t find.  She was able to figure out my health issues within minutes.  It just amazes me – how Lea could tell me about myself for me to see myself in new light.  I believe my few minutes with Lea has made me a better and healthier person.  I can’t wait to spend an entire hour with her! "


Intuitive Reader & Medium
Energy, Reiki & Distance Healing
Quantum Touch Practitioner
Meditation & Development Facilitator

My name is Lea and I have been given the honour of providing insight into people’s lives that might otherwise stay hidden.  While I do work as an Intuitive Reader and Medium, I focus my practice on healing for the soul.  As I developed my Intuitive Practice I discovered a passion for helping others see the best in themselves, to see a different perspective in life.

Laurie is available  for drop in Tuesdays 11am-4pm

& appointments only on Saturdays 1-4pm 

30 minutes  $55.00 plus GST

60 minutes $90.00 plus GST

Sherina is available for drop in Tuesdays/Thursdays 4-6pm ​​


30 minutes  $55.00 plus GST

60 minutes $90.00 plus GST

Automatic writing $54.00 (based on one question of inquiry & requires 24 hr.notice)) 
Writing & 30 minute session $125.00/1hr 
Personalized astrological report and 1hr session $222.00 


My inner-knowing takes you through a mindfulness, self-reflective, and intuitive process. Claircognizance is an ability that I have of clear knowing. I use an intuitive technique called automatic writing which is channeled guidance via writing to provide an awareness and understanding of any challenges affecting personal wellness. From a question of inquiry, my writing provokes self-discovery, uncovers ways to raise your vibration, how to let-go of limiting beliefs, and how heal certain aspects of your life.
I  also create personalized astrological reports in a journal format
After serving people in various ways; teacher, personal trainer, counsellor – I recognized that I was growing spiritually and I want to serve others with my gift of writing and intuition.
I provide guidance through a fun, uplifting-energy, compassionate, and person-centered lens. 

Please book online with Schedulicity.com or call the store to book your appointment 604 937 5540

Sherina Chandra:
Intuitive writer (automatic writing) 

Spiritual Counselling

Oracle cards and astrological chart readings



30 minutes  $55.00 plus GST

60 minutes $95.00 plus GST